As an art dealer who in 1995 began one of the first "contemporary" salons in NYC, Cheryl McGinnis has always offered viewers an opportunity to participate in gallery talks, artists' studio visits, conversations with critics and curators alike.

The tradition of our contemporary salon continues in our gallery space. We feel strongly that art should be accessible to the public in order to further the discussion of contemporary art and art history.

Our goals are the development of our aritists' careers by functioning as a liason between domestic and international galleries, working closely with museum curators, placing work in public and private collections.


Cheryl McGinnis Projects founded in 2005 is a curatorial project based innitiative. As the gallery has always been housed in intimate, pre-war settings, the curatorial inititative allows for large installations and site-specific exhibits outside of the gallery space.


Zhang Hongtu, Hu Bing, Tattfoo Tan, Bing Lee, Cheryl McGinnis, Nina Kuo
“Between Two Worlds”
Flushing Council of the Arts,
Town Hall, Smithsonian
January 30-April 9, 2006


Art e was founded in 2005 as a natural outgrowth of our salon program offered in our Madison ave location. Many local school groups would visit the exhibitions, while their teachers wanted them to draw from the exhibit, we found that teaching them to "read" the work and discuss the work with the artists and curators was exciting to them as well as providing them with knowledge they were not receiving at school. The students would tell their parents about their experience. Parents asked us for a formal program for their kids. We enthusiastically work with children from all over the city, from both public and private schools. Scholarships are available based on need.



Students studying Frans Hals at the Metropolitan Museum of Art


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